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Drowning Tragedy: Indian Student Loses Life at Barberville Falls in New York During a Vacation


July 10 :
One terrible occurrence occurred over the Independence Day weekend in New York near Barberville Falls, where a student from Telangana, India, perished. The victim was named as Sai Surya Avinash Gadde, a Trine University student of twenty-four years old. It all started on July 7 when Gadde went to the famous tourist location; the body was found the very next day.

Condolences and confirmation were conveyed by the Indian Consulate General in New York. Sai Surya Avinash Gadde, a student at Trine University, drowned on July 7th near Barberville Falls in Albany, NY. We are profoundly devastated by his awful loss."At this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with his family," the consulate stated in a post on X.

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the repatriation of Gadde's remains to India has been issued by the Indian Consulate, among other services rendered to his family. Multiple rescue crews responded to a swimming incident involving two guys, according to local media outlets citing the Rensselaer County Sheriff's Office. In contrast to the one man who was saved by a kind stranger, Gadde was discovered dead, as stated in the report. The drowning's circumstances are being investigated by local officials, who included the state dive team, who responded to the scene.

Tragically, Gadde's passing continues a distressing pattern of tragedies that have befallen Indian students studying in the US. In light of these events, the Indian Consulate General in New York has introduced a program to aid Indian students enrolled in American universities.