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US Urges India to Leverage Russia Ties to End Ukraine Conflict


Washington, DC July 10:
Using its "special partnership" with Russia, the US wants India to "pressure" Moscow to end the war in Ukraine and strive for a lasting peace in the area, according to US State Department Hindustani spokesperson Margaret MacLeod. During the SCO Summit in Samarkand in 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi famously warned Russian President Vladimir Putin, "This is not an era of war." The US official also reiterated this statement. According to MacLeod, who spoke to ANI on Tuesday, the US is requesting that all of its allies, including India, put pressure on Russia to ensure a permanently peaceful Ukraine. As Prime Minister (PM) Modi has stated, now is not the time for war, and Russia should withdraw from the conflict in Ukraine.

"The relationship between Russia and India is unique. To put pressure on Russia (to end the war), we hope India makes use of this special cooperation.She went on to say that the conflict in Ukraine is illegal and violates the UN Charter. A US official responded to a question regarding the US and Western perspectives on India's stance on the conflict in Ukraine by saying, "It would be better if you ask the Indian government about India's stand."

However, the United States views Russia's actions as an affront to Ukraine's sovereignty. Civilian infrastructure is being targeted. There were no Ukrainian forces present during yesterday's attack on a children's hospital; this violates both the UN Charter and international law, she noted.

On Monday, missiles attacked a children's hospital in the capital of Ukraine, killing more than 40 innocent youngsters. The Ukrainian capital has placed the blame on Moscow. According to MacLeod, the purpose of the current NATO summit in Washington DC is to deliberate the alliance's vision for the next seventy-five years. During the conference, she added, relief packages for Ukraine will be announced.
"At this NATO Summit, we are celebrating 75 years of peace, unity, development and innovation, and will discuss on the preparations for the next 75 years," according to a US official.

This is a major problem for the majority of NATO countries in Europe, where the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is taking place.Ukraine is set to receive a significant assistance package. She went on to say that Germany will also be making an announcement about establishing a coordinating cell.

Washington, DC is hosting the NATO Summit from July 9th to the 11th. Coincident with the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict (which began in February 2022) and the emergence of NATO fractures due to distrust among certain European allies and remarks made by former US President Donald Trump against the alliance, the summit has been scheduled at a pivotal moment.

Also, with the addition of Finland and Sweden as members, this is the first NATO summit since the alliance expanded. Regarding the USD 60 price ceiling on Russian crude oil purchases, the US official stated that it has contributed to "reducing" Russia's earnings and aims to further limit the resources available to Moscow.
Russia is using its earnings to invade Ukraine, so we want as little of our resources as possible going to that country. Even if Russia's earnings have been hit by the price cap, MacLeod emphasized that the country will keep attacking Ukraine as long as it can earn money. Therefore, the goal is to minimize Russia's gains to the greatest extent feasible.

A number of Indian politicians and officials have stated that the price cap has contributed to the stability of petrol and diesel prices in the country, and it is worth noting that India has persisted in purchasing crude oil from Russia under this cap despite pressure from Western nations. In addition, the US official spoke highly of the strong links that exist between India and the US, saying that Washington is eager to deepen its relationship with New Delhi.

We observe strong ties between India and the United States; we discuss a wide range of topics; and although our views may differ at times, we are able to maintain an honest and open line of communication. Our government is committed to further strengthening our bilateral partnership, and we are extremely optimistic about it, she added.

While MacLeod declined to comment on American politics during an election year, she did state that "historically, both parties (Republican and Democrat) have worked to strengthen relations with India." In response to a question on the future of India-US relations, the US president is running for office. June of last year saw Prime Minister Modi's state visit to the United States. The next year, at the G20 Summit, President Joe Biden visited India. Additionally, India is anticipated to host the Quad Summit with the two countries later this year.