SVAJAN celebrated Father’s day on June 10th

SVAJAN, means SamastVaishnavVanik Jan of North America based of Edison, New Jersey had celebrated Father’s day on June 10th, 2018 at Royal Albert Palace with over 300 guest of over 100 families.

Svajan goal is to give back to our community by doing various events that bring Vaishnavs together throughout the year. SVAJAN's values means to grow and prosper in culture and humanitarian manners. SVAJAN has focus on younger generations; of all age group children who has vision and skillsto saw the need and value of bringing the Vaishnav community together and carrying forward Indian culture values as way of life.

The event was headed by Nalin Shah who is president, with founder of organization Subhash Shah and board of trustees, volunteers and many supporters gathered tobuilt this organization through their commitment and dedication: The vote of thanks event’s sponsors’ to Dr Sandhya Shah and Family along with Minal Shah, Gopi Shah and Rajul Shah by Upen Shah. The music Musti by Priti and Sanjay musical Group with few performances of dances and was appreciated by guest. Nalin Shah honored various volunteers and few family members who extended their support to Vaishnav community.

SvajanWomen organized and celebrated Father's Day.

SamastVaishnavVanik Jan of North America gathered to celebrate Father's day

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