Shadel Nyack Compton Appointed as Honorary Consul General of India to Grenada

The Indian Diaspora Council International (IDC) and its global chapters and affiliates congratulate Shadel Nyack Compton, the IDC Coordinator in Grenada, on her appointment as Honorary Consul General of India to Grenada. Shadel Nyack Compton, Grenadian attorney and Managing Director of Belmont Estate, has been appointed as the first Honorary Consul of India to Grenada this afternoon. High Commissioner of India to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, accredited to Dominica, Montserrat and Grenada, His Excellency Bishwadip Dey, was present as Ms. Nyack Compton presented her Letters of Instrument to Grenada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Peter David.

IDC Statement: “We take immense pride in the continuing commitment and efforts of Shadel Nyack Compton to preserve and promote the history and heritage of Indians in Grenada. We are confident that Shadel Nyack Compton’s appointment as Honorary Consul General of India to Grenada will further enhance the shared heritage and interests among persons of Indian origin in Grenada and elsewhere. We also extend our continued best wishes to all the descendants of those early pioneers for continued peaceful and prosperous co-existence among other ethnic groups both in Grenada and other lands where they have subsequently settled”.

During the presentation, Hon. Minister David extended congratulations to both the Office of the Indian High Commission and Ms. Nyack Compton for this momentous appointment. Minister David confirmed that he was certain that Ms. Nyack Compton will deepen relations between the two countries, and improve people to people relations as well. High Commissioner, His Excellency Bishwadip Dey thanked the Minister for accepting the appointment of Ms. Nyack Compton and expressed his interest in exploring new areas of collaboration between the two governments.

As Honorary Consul, Ms. Nyack Compton’s primary duties will include taking care of the affairs of Indian citizens to aid them in their lawful and mercantile concerns, enhancement of bilateral relations of trade, business, investment and culture between India and Grenada.

“I am deeply honoured to receive this appointment, and extremely grateful to the governments of India and Grenada for this opportunity and for the trust placed in me. As a proud Indo-Grenadian, I am grateful for this opportunity to serve India, its nationals and the Diaspora family here in Grenada, and to contribute to the business growth and development of Grenada through the strengthening of relations between the two countries,” Ms. Nyack Compton said. She likewise stated that her commitment to serve the two countries under the High Commission Office in Trinidad not only rises from her romance and nostalgia for India but also materializes from her immense love and loyalty for Grenada.

Ms. Nyack Compton is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC, and Hugh Wooding Law school - University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. Also holding a Masters in Agribusiness from Kansas State University, she serves as the Managing Director of Belmont Estate, a family-owned and award-winning agri-tourism business.

Under her leadership, the company has grown into a leading agri-tourism business in the Caribbean, recognized for its contribution to employment, education, community development, and to offering extraordinary service and high quality organic products. A former Chairman of the Grenada Board of Tourism, Ms. Nyack Compton is extremely passionate about Grenada, and promotes the sustainable development of Grenada’s agriculture and tourism sectors.

Ms. Nyack Compton’s work in the Indo-Grenadian community is seen in her leadership as the President of the Indo-Grenadian Heritage Foundation. She was a pivotal force lobbying government for a declaration to make Indian Arrival Day a national holiday. This was successfully achieved last year, with the consent of the Grenada Trades Union Council, sharing the holiday with Labour Day.

Ms. Nyack Compton has been actively involved with the Foundation for the last ten years, raising awareness about India, and Grenada’s Indian history and heritage. She credits her parents and grandparents for raising her with a strong appreciation for her Indian roots. She has vigorously used her business at Belmont Estate to educate and entertain with Indian Arrival Day celebrations, hosting annual fundraising luncheons, showcasing cultural activities, and museum exhibitions on Indian heritage. She also continues to write on Indo-Grenadian issues.

Acknowledging the significance of this appointment, Ms. Nyack Compton added, “To receive this appointment at a time when India is proactively elevating the status of women in its country is truly meaningful. As a woman of Indian descent, it is humbling to receive such an honour to serve India in a capacity that can benefit both a country of a billion people and an island of a hundred thousand people. I intend to do my best to strengthen the relations of India and Grenada and expand the bilateral cooperation in the areas of trade, agriculture, education, and technology.”

In April 2017, the Government of Grenada officially declared 1st May as Indian Arrival Day when Grenadians of Indian descent would officially celebrate the arrival of their ancestors to the island. This year marks 161 years since the first East Indians arrived from Calcutta, India aboard the SS Maidstone which anchored at Irwin Bay in Saint Patrick on 1st May, 1857. The total number of Indian labourers from India to Grenada during the period of Indian indenturedship is approximately 3,200.

Indian Arrival Day is celebrated in conjunction with Labour Day and added to Grenada’s list of Bank Holidays. The centenary celebration took place in 1957. In 2009 the Government of Grenada recognized 1st May as Indian Arrival Day in conjunction with Labour Day. The Indo Grenada Heritage Foundation was instrumental in getting official recognition for Indian Arrival Day and has installed a plaque at Irwin Bay in St Patrick to commemorate the day.

Ms. Nyack Compton’s appointment comes one day before the 161st Anniversary of Indian Arrival Day on May 1st. Belmont Estate is once again hosting the IAD with a celebratory luncheon and cultural entertainment. The IAD is commemorated alongside Grenada’s Labour Day. A leading proponent of fair trade, Ms. Nyack Compton also took the opportunity to extend her Labour Day greeting, “May 1st is a very special day for all Grenadians because it is the day we honour the real heroes of our society. Grenada’s progress over the years can truly be attributed to the contribution of our workers! It is with great pride and gratitude that I greet my fellow Grenadians - Happy Labour Day and Happy Indian Arrival Day! May our common ideals strengthen us a people!”

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