FIA celebrates Festival of Colors and Food

Chicago IL: Sunday May 6, 2018 all roads led to Oak Brook for the Festival of Colors and Food at the McDonalds Soccer Fields, Oakbrook, Illinois on May 6, 2018 organized by the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) in association with the with the village of Oakbrook and will be a first for Chicago land. The Festival was held between 11.30 AM and 5.30 PM. In the presence of a large throng of about 1500 people the festival was kicked off by the four emcee’s Geetanjali Maru, Pratibha Jairath, Jigar Shah and Saurin Thakkar.

The event started with a performance by Madhura Sane and her team from the Nritya Natya Academy.

Then the emcee’s invited FIA Founder President Sunil Shah & Mrs. Rita Shah, FIA President Neil Khot & Mrs. Anuradha Khot, FIA Founder & Past President Onkar Singh Sangha onto the stage. Sunil Shah in his brief speech welcomed and thanked the people of Chicagoland for turning up in big numbers for the event. He was elated at the support for this one of a kind event. He briefly thanked the sponsors for their support. Neil Khot in his speech thanked the people who turned up for their presence and support. He also appreciated the efforts of the FIA team in setting up the event. Neil Khot then thanked specifically Mr. Gopal Lalmalani – Oak Brook Village President for their unstinted support to the event and McDonalds for their generosity in allowing the use of their soccer fields for the event and thanked all the sponsors to the event. Then the dignitaries were invited to the stage starting with the Counsel General of India Ms. Neeta Bhushan. Ms. Neeta Bhushan in her speech praised the efforts of the FIA for organizing different kinds of events for the Indian diaspora in Chicagoland. Then Village President Mr. Gopal Lalmalani was called on stage. He in his speech thanked the FIA for organizing the event in Oak Brook and bringing attention to Oak Brook as a Festival destination. Then other dignitaries were invited on stage -Event Chair Ashok Lakshmanan, Chief Supporter Syed Hussaini, V. Malini Air India, State Representative Michelle Mussman, Edward Tiesenga Trustee- Village of Oakbrook, Asif Yusuf Trustee- Village of Oakbrook, Mr. Syed Moin Trustee – Village of Oakbrook, Rodney Craig, Mayor Hanover Park, and Tom Daily Asha & Anil Oroskar and Manny Gandhi, Past President and Founding Member Rita Singh. Then the entire Board of the FIA was called to the stage for a event picture.

Awards for Excellence in business and for community service were presented to eminent businessmen and people who serve the community.

After the presentation there was a blast of color by Sunil Shah and Neil Khot who were joined by Counsel General of India Ms. Neeta Bhushan and Oak Brook Village President Mr. Gopal Lalmalani using color filled power blasters and the event was declared open. This was the cue that the crowds were waiting for, and the air was filled with colors and water as people of all ages started coloring each other. The two stilt walkers also added to the fun by throwing color at people from their vantage heights.

This was followed by a performance by the Award-Winning FUNKA DESI a band that blends Indian music (Bhangra, Bollywood, Folk) with Reggae, Funk, And Afro-Caribbean Grooves. The Chicago-based band’s “one-family” vibe made for an enthralling live show. This festive, virtuoso experience of cultural unity wowed the crowds through danceable grooves and brought the attendees to groove and dance.

This was followed by a performance by Bollywood Groove who invited crowd participation in their act. This led to many of the attendees to the event joining Bollywood Groove in their dance moves. The crowds present enjoyed grooving with Bollywood Groove.

This was followed by an entertaining performance by Alokita and her dance group from her dance academy Jhankaar Dance.

The next and last performance was by SSR Chicago adult students who presented a medley on Bollywood music. This performance was enjoyed by the people present.

The attendees also enjoyed the great food sold at the four booths and shopping at the 25 odd booths selling different products.

The emcees thanked the sponsors and supporters for their unstinted support and the crowds for coming to the event Festival of Colors and Food and the event came to a close.

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