Fund raising to help the family of a techie, who died suddenly

A fund raising campaign on Go Fund Me is underway for the family of software engineer Praveen Sinha, 33, who died within three months after coming to the US.
He came to join a company in Warren County, Ohio this January. He was found dead in his apartment this April 4.
He was making chappatis, when he died, media reports said. His wife Shweta Sinha, was in Atlanta with the family of his elder brother Naveen Sinha. She came to the US only a month earlier.
Other than allergies, he had no history of medical issues and underwent a complete checkup before traveling to America, family said.
He was happy, they told, and the phone calls he made the night before he was found on his apartment floor were nothing but normal.
Police were called to his home on April 4 after a colleague Praveen rode to work with every day couldn't get hold of him.
When authorities got to his apartment, Praveen was already dead.
The Go Fund Me campaign has raised $17,576 of $20,000 goal in a month. The funds collected will be handed over to Praveen's spouse to provide her with some financial support in this difficult time.

The police are waiting for the autopsy report to determine the cause of death.

See the Go Fund Me:

‘This could have been another beautiful life story if NOT came abruptly to a closure.

PRAVEEN KUMAR SINHA is an Indian Computer Engineer who came to the USA in the month of Jan 2018 (as the first onsite trip ever, in his 10 years of IT career). He had the same dreams like everyone else to make it BIG in the land of opportunity.

Praveen was joined by his wife, Shweta Sinha, in the month of March 2018. The couple has been together for just a month or so in this country. Everything seemed perfect and life going in perfect harmony.

Little did anybody know that life is about to take a big unfortunate turn on a fateful day of 3-April, 2018.

Praveen, just like any other normal day, finished his work at the office and went home. That was the last anybody has seen him alive. Shweta had gone to visit Praveen's elder brothers family in Atlanta Georgia, a few days back.

Praveen died the evening of 3-April, 2018 around 11:00 pm. (Having been in the US for just 3 months) He did not have any ailments that could determine his sudden demise. Friends, Family and everyone who knew him were in deep shock and having a hard time to believe the news.

Praveen by nature is a very gentle, always smiling, friendly, warm welcoming human. Never does he know to complain.

Praveen's body is being sent to India for cremation. As a co-human being, we cannot end the pain caused to his family but can share the grievance and extend our support to ease the financial burden because of his sudden death.

The funds collected will be handed over to Praveen's spouse to provide her with some financial support in this difficult time.

The funds will be withdrawn by me (Praveen's elder brother) and handed over to Praveen's wife.
Thanking one and all with gratitude from the bottom of our hearts for the support.

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