Fourth body recovered from Eel River; search ends

Leggett, California: The search team recovered the body of Sidhant Thottappilly (12) Monday from the Eel River, ending the search and also the 10 day ordeal that began on April 6.
The body was found 8 miles away from the scene of the accident. On Sunday, they recovered the Honda Pilot SUV from the river along with the bodies of Sandeep Thottappilly (42) and daughter Sachy (9.)
The body of Soumya was recovered last Friday downstream ,seven miles away from the scene of the accident

The bodies were taken to a local morgue and the autopsies are scheduled for later this week.

The funeral arrangements are yet to be decided by the family.

Sources said the body of Sandeep, vice president of the Union Bank in Santa Clarita near Los Angeles was found from the rear area of the . It is believed that he might have moved back to save the children. The window of the car was also broken.

Sandeep and family were returning from Oregon from a vacation trip when their Honda Pilot SUV fell in to the river. Pat Berkovitz, a teacher in Oregon, who saw the car fall in to the river called the police. By the time they arrived, the vehicle submerged in the river and was gone. They could not do much as the water level in the river was dangerous

Sandeep and family were scheduled to meet a cousin in San Jose on April 6 evening, but never turned up. Later the cousin filed a missing person complaint with the police. 

Photos: Talia Rose (c)

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