Mystery Thriller ‘Fall’: An explosive maze ride with Indian American cast

A new short movie, ‘Fall’ brings a fresh perspective on America’s anti-insurgent operations and their effects on US operatives. Vigil Bose, an Indian American freshman director who had the opportunity to observe the lives of many US veterans, told IndiaLife that with ‘Fall’, he aims to portray the psychological trauma that undercover operatives endure on their return from high-risk deployments. The movie also offers a sneak peek into the often unrepresented lives of America's growing undercover agents with Indian heritage.

This English language movie, produced by Three Eye Visuals, is refreshing in its cast choices as major characters are portrayed by actors who would not have been considered to have a mainstream presence from a Hollywood perspective. The film brings lesser known actors like Jiju Nair, Praveen Kumar, Sindhu Nair and Jon Feidl (voice) to the fore with a subject generally considered to be in the classic action thriller mold. Vigil Bose, in his conversation with IndiaLife revealed that he wanted to raise intrigue among international audience with a thriller mystery that features predominantly an Indo-American cast. The idea, Vigil explained, is to present to the world a diverse view of the American law enforcement personnel and the challenges they face post deployment. Since its premiere in March 2018, Fall has been selected to compete in the 'Best Picture' category of film festivals like Lake View International Film Festival and Global Film Festival Awards.

As a movie, ‘Fall’ is a thrilling experience that forces the viewer to rewind again and again in suspense. The plot revolves around the life of Michael Williams, a former undercover operative who was deployed in tactical combat zones. Upon returning from active duty, Michael finds himself battling his own demons, with the help of a talented psychiatrist, Dr. Olivia Thomas. Continuous action, Mystery and Intrigue are the active themes in this new age psychological thriller. For a short movie format, ‘Fall’ impresses the casual moviegoer with the use of quality special effects, crisp editing and a fair dose of inspired acting. The movie crew members include Rakesh Sahadevan (Art Direction), Dr. Manjusha Gireesh (First Assistant Director), Mimi Gopinath (Second Assistant Director), Jenson Jose (Sound Director), Bose Varghese (Production Manager) and Abhishek Jayakumar (Music Director), Joe Kelat (Production Assistant), Ratheesh Nair (Production Coordinator), Gireesh Anneri (Location Sound Engineer) and Binny Cherian (Executive Producer). Fall will be available for general viewers by the end of 2018 on premium video-on-demand channels. For more News on the movie 'Fall', please visit the Three Eye Visuals Facebook page.

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