Indian doctor exonerated of charges of trying to strangle a nurse

New York: Dr. Venkatesh Sasthakonar, 44, who was accused of trying to strangle a 51-year-old nurse at Nassau University Medical Center in Long Island, last month, was exonerated by the court, according to WABC

After thoroughly reviewing the case and the surveillance video, the Nassau County District Attorney's Office determined that there was not enough evidence that any crime occurred and dropped the all charges against the bariatric sugeon.

The complaint said that the nurse had failed to follow proper protocol during a surgery, and an enraged Sasthakonar took an elastic cord from a sweatshirt and attacked her, saying, ‘I should kill you for this.’

Dr. Sasthakonar has consistently maintained his innocence and said the nurse made the whole thing up.

After the discharge, an emotional Sasthaconer told the media, ‘what happened to me didn't hurt me. What happened to (my wife) and the kids is what hurt me...I thought being a good person could protect you against bad things happening to you, against evil. I don't trust that anymore.’
The doctor is now returning to work and contemplating a civil suit.
There is no word on whether any criminal charges will be pursued against the nurse, the report noted

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