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A voice for progressives

The India Life and Times magazine, a publication of the Legacy Media, has completed one year of its successful journey and looks forward to serve the community expanding its content and reach.

The magazine is available in print and/digital format. The daily online version is available at www.ilatimes.com

When we launched the magazine, we were not sure if the community needed one more publication, especially in print, when printing was fast becoming obsolete. Mainstream print newspapers were facing a tough time and many of them had moved to the internet. Reading habits were changing with the arrival of new media such as Facebook and Twitter.

In such a scenario, a print magazine was the last thing many people wanted. Yet we thought that the print media had its many attractions, just like the radio, which survived the onslaught of television.

A print publication is a record that cannot be erased. It is more authentic and comprehensive. Even now people rely more on print newspapers for authentic news than on television or the internet, which seem to focus more on creating sensation.

India Life and Times magazine portrays the life of the community, showcasing its successes, failures, heartbreaks, and achievements. The Indian community’s American journey has crossed half a century and the 4 million-strong community is thriving. Added to that is the Indian Diaspora from the Caribbean.

We have assimilated well in America. We have contributed to this country and benefited much too. The magazine focuses on this journey of a community merging into a new life.

At the magazine we also train our lens on the unsavory facets of desi life-- the crimes and the tragedies that touch us all.

Of course, we cannot escape the pressures of daily life and there is little time for leisurely reading. Our publications work as a friend, seeking to inform and advise.

We work as a progressive voice for the community. We oppose obscurantism, bigotry, fascist tendencies and violence, anything that curtails the freedom of the people, whether in India or in America. We are not apolitical, but we will give a forum to every shade of credible opinion.
The magazine is a venue for the people to express their creativity. We welcome ideas, articles, stories, travelogues, and poems.

The India Life team

George Joseph, Chief Editor & Publisher and Sunil Tristar, Managing Editor & Publisher
eMail: editor@indialife.us Tel: 1-917-662-1122

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