The Angel: A message of compassion in trying times

In a striking rebuttal of persistent maligning of a particular religious community, very often witnessed in the aftermath of terror acts across the globe, a talented set of filmmakers from New Jersey has succinctly portrayed the need to segregate religion from terrorism through the captivating short film, ‘The Angel.’

Immaculately directed by New Jersey-based Rajan Cede Cheeran in his maiden short film venture and produced by Shiraz Cede Yussaf for Mitraz Productions, ‘The Angel’ captivates the audience through a spellbinding sequence of events and emphasizes that an entire religious community should not be subjected to unjust trials especially in the aftermath of a catastrophe. It portrays the travails of an elderly couple, John and Martha, supported by the omnipresent ‘Angel.’

In a superb exhibition of compact script and exemplary screenplay, the movie conveys that it is inhumane and barbaric to point fingers at a specific religion on a persistent basis with no plausible reason.

The plot develops when John, a genial character, is viciously assaulted during one of his routine morning jogs in a park near his home. A guardian angel miraculously appears on the scene and saves John from the attacker who is trying to flee with his wallet. ‘The Angel,’ who is the protagonist and central theme in the movie, then carries the audience through a powerful representation of his character and conveys a profound message of love, compassion and empathy.
The Angel’s almost surreal entry to rescue John from the attacker astounds John as he had never seen his rescuer in the park before. In a moment of stellar compassion highlighting the very essence of the movie, the Angel then offers money to John's attacker for a meal.
The ‘Angel’ also offers to drop John home in his car, displaying another episode of benevolence. Martha, John’s wife, who is shocked and deeply disturbed at the attack on her husband, thanks the Angel for saving her husband. The movie turns intriguing when John meets the ‘Angel’ in the park the following day and John invites him and his wife for a cup of tea at his home. Martha, all excited to host her husband’s rescuer and family, prepares a grand reception for them.
When the ‘Angel’ and his wife show up, Martha is shocked to see the woman’s religious attire. The movie takes an unexpected turn here.

Martha, whose every move in the movie depicts her wholesome love and affection for her son Mike, is a poignant testimony to the devastation the World trade Centre attack has inflicted upon innumerable families.

In a world where religious intolerance and discrimination is a norm rather than an aberration, ‘The Angel’ calls for religious tolerance and compassion. Director Rajan Cede Cheeran is a noted TV artist and a renowned stage director based in New Jersey who now harbors big screen movie ambitions after the tremendous response ‘The Angel’ has evoked.

The cast includes leading artists from New York broadway theatre -- Robert Fretman, Sophia Mahmud and Nickse Dobre -- supported by the delightful Sajini Sachariah who is at her usual best.

The crew includes producer (For Mitraz Production) Shiraz Cede Yussaf, director of photography John Martin, music direction Midhun Jayaraj, casting director Deepti Nair, associate director Soumya Nair, and production controller Shobha Jacob. Editing and grading: Black Studios, Sound: Studio 19.

That director Rajan Cede Cheeran has spent his entire life living under the same roof with his brother Shiraz Cede Yussaf who belongs to another religion, lends further credence to the subject Cheeran has chosen for his debut movie.
The enthralling sequel of events in the short film keeps the audience mesmerized through the half-an-hour duration. ‘The Angel’ has received rave reviews and is being filmed across wide locations in the US and Canada.
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