Vote of thanks: (Poem: J.S.Abhirami)

Thanks to you, 
             Who taught me to rest,
             To close my eyes and kiss the              
             Held in your arms I nest,
             Smiling and sleeping I see happiness...

Thanks to you, 
             Who eloped away with me, 
             To another world I have seen (but ain't 
             This world I always wanted to be, 
             Where the sun of love is never set...

A place where,  
            Many are the ones,
            Who are honest and just,
            And not even one,
             Is corrupt and with lust...

             No trees are cut,
             Nor are veins... 
             Kids play in mud,
             Not in computer games...

             Women take a walk,
             Alone at night,
             And reach home safe,
             Quite different from our plight...

             All have bread to eat,
            And all have bed to sleep...
            Once a love they meet,
            When they die that's all they keep...
            Nobody cheats anybody,
           Nobody hates anybody...
           They all know they are nothing,
           And still a part of everything...

And then, 
           I loose you again like yesterday,
          To the rays of hope of a new today...
           I beg you to come back, lull me to sleep,
           Away from this dark light to that 
           darkness deep...

           You sadly refuse me, push me away,
           And then kiss my cheeks and say:
           'I am the light in you, the one you seek,
            I am a part of your soul and your dream,
            But I am not to dwell in just your sleep,
            Come in search of me, we'll know when 
             we meet...'

So again, 
Thanks to you, 
            You are my dream,
            The one who push and push me to 
            And to do my things and not just dream,
            So that my dreams don't remain just as 

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