Start-Up Solves Facebook Global Challenge

NEW YORK; DataVal Analytics Inc - a Chicago and Bangalore based artificial intelligence start up with telecom guru Dr. Sam Pitroda as chairman- has become for the first time in the digital history to successfully complete a difficult 20-part challenge in artificial intelligence created by Facebook.

The test known as the 20 QA bAbi Tasks hosted by Facebook Al Research (FAIR) assesses the ability of the artificial intelligence based programs to perform text understanding and reasoning.

Todate no organization has been able to solve all the 20 tasks with one hundred percent accuracy. However, using a unique approach, DataVal has successfully completed all 20 tasks with cent percent accuracy. The approach focuses on the human way of understanding Language. It also has integrated multiple processes related to language pre-processing, word sense disambiguation, conjunction processing, preposition association, co-reference resolution, and time and space analysis.

DataVal focuses on a holistic view of the environment and the ecosystem to reason and understands the situation, an approach similar to the human approach to problem-solving.

Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier technology of the future with far-reaching implications on social, economic and political activities across the world. It will have a significant impact at home, business, factories, banking, government, education, health and lot more.

All major global companies and universities have been working on artificial intelligence for decades. With advances in high-speed computing, low-cost storage, open source software, cloud computing and smartphones, artificial intelligence is now in prominence. All leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, IBM and a handful of startups have substantial research and development underway on the subject.

The success of DataVal in solving QA bAbi tasks offer hope to address a variety of artificial intelligence applications related to intelligent personal assistance, search engine, voice command and control applications, social media content analysis and expert systems in fields such as education, health, energy, environment, transport, finance, marketing, manufacturing, services and government.

DataVal Analytics has offices in Bangalore and Chicago with a small team of highly experienced data scientists and programmers focused on Natural language Understanding technology and Big Data analytics. The company was founded by veterans from the Indian Army – Lt Col Shashi Kiran and Lt Col Naveen Xavier.​

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