Kuwaiti actor who portrayed Saddam Hussein in play dead

London, Aug 13 Kuwaiti actor, playwright and comedian Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha, who famously portrayed the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the 1991 play, "Saif Al Arab, the Arabs' Sword", with a satirical interpretation, died here in a hospital. He was 78.

He died on Friday, reports gulfnews.com.

Abdul Redha was also known for his satirical and symbolic comedies in "Bye Bye London" about nouveau riche Arabs in the British capital.

Affectionately known as Abu Adnan, after his eldest son's name, Abdul Redha was born on July 15, 1939 in Dirwazat Abdul Razzaq, Sharq, Kuwait. He was the seventh among 14 siblings.

Abdul Redha was also a target of assassination for portraying Hussein in the play but he is known to have refused to cancel or even delay the show on that night.

His last work was in Ramadan this year which was from May 27 to June 25, when he made a guest appearance in the widely popular comic series "Selfie" in the Arabian Gulf.

Abdul Redha had a number of plays, TV and radio series to his credit that spanned from the early 1960 till date.

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