Emily Ratajkowski opens up on her new blonde look

Los Angeles, June 25
Model-actress Emily Ratajkowski is currently sporting blonde hair.

In an interview with elle.com, Emily spoke about her new look and the time it took for her to transform.

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"So long! I got in the chair around 9:00 am and I left around 4:30 pm. We were getting it right though, too. We did the first stage of it. Then we did a second. The colorist did a mask. Then we went in to fix the roots. I didn't want streaky or stripey blonde. If I'm going to go blonde, I want to go blonde. But the root was really important. So it was just kind of about finessing it and getting it right. I also wanted the color to be kind of more like yellow than ashy. I know a lot of people love the ashy right now, but I just think for my complexion, that wasn't right," she said.

Emily also shared that she looked at the pictures of Pam Anderson and Sharon Tate for her blonde transformation.

"I looked at a ton of pictures. Some were just random nineties models. Then I actually looked at Pam Anderson and I looked at Sharon Tate. I looked at contemporary people who've done transformations. I was kind of very nervous to be honest with you, but now I feel really good about it," she said.