The richest woman on Earth : (Poem : Omana John )

I met a woman near the lake side,
She was begging and very old,

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She was very weak and in pain,
Tears flowing down her cheeks.

Her hands were shivering when I touched her,
She told me of her life when I asked her,
I felt sad when I heard that story,
It was the saddest story I ever heard.

She said she had a crowd around her,
When she was wealthy and healthy,
She gave her riches to all,
In return, she got love, but it was false.

She didn’t love people for money,
She didn’t love people for power,
She didn’t love people for their beauty,
She loved only for love, which is everlasting.

When she lost everything, people fled from her,
She felt lonely, sad and thought about God,
She knew that all her riches are in heaven,
And none would benefit from that, but herself.

My happiness knew no boundaries,
When I understood her love for God,
So, I hugged and kissed her with all my love,
To me, she was the richest woman on earth.