Shiv Vihar schools were first targets of Delhi rioters

New Delhi, Feb 27
The only untouched math and science notebook of a Class IV student lying on a bench in one of the two schools that were burnt during riots in Shiv Vihar reads, "Q1: Where are artificial satellites revolving? Ans: Around the earth."

The note book does not have name of the student who seems to have forgotten to keep it in bag when the administration of Rajdhani Senior Secondary School in Shiv Vihar hurriedly told them to leave.

The notebook is of maths and science lesson and was lying on bench on the first floor os the school. This school was was first taken over by rioters and was vandalised when vioence erupted in northeast Delhi on Sunday.

A petrol bomb launcher was immediately fixed on the roof top of the Rajdhani Senior Secondary school and then the mayhem in locality started.

Once colossal damage was done, the rioters fled using ropes from the roof top of the school building and then torched and another school, DRP School, adjacent to it.

This clearly exposes the Delhi Police callousness approach to the mayhem which was planned and executed.

The stench of burnt books, desk and table is still eminating out of classrooms. The walls once had pictures of cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Donald, Doraemon, motivational quotes have turned into complete black.

The notice boards in every class room of DRP School which was tugged with various art and craft pamphlets are now completely charred.

The benches in the class rooms have turned into ashes and colourful walls into black after petrol bombs by rioters were hurled into each classroom.

At Rajdhani Senior Secondary School, the window panes were broken, the books were burnt and the school principal room was looted and there after vandalised.

Both the schools are adjacent to each other and were completely gutted after they were set ablaze.

Caretaker of Rajdhani Senior Secondary School, Manoj Kalouni, 36, told IANS that he was trapped inside the school premises for almost 48 hours after the rioting started. He said the school owner Faisal Farooq visited the place on Thursday and consoled him.

Vijay Bahadur, 44, ferries school children of both the schools said that the schools came under attack around 3.30 p.m. on Monday. "The teachers who were present in the school fled from the back doors when stone and petrol bombs were hurled on the schools," said Vijay.

Rioters took over the schools and despite locals calling police control room, there was no response. "Calls were not taken by police control room. When calls got connected, we begged but police never came," said Babloo whose school van was torched.