Interfaith leaders to speak at rally protesting Howdy Modi

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability is organizing a series of events this weekend in Houston to protest the upcoming visit of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the NRG Stadium in Houston, this Sunday.

‘We call upon all people of conscience in the US to join us in protesting Modi's visit and exposing the retrograde, near-fascist politics of Modi’s government of pushing attrition, bigotry, and religious persecution of minorities as state policy,’ organizers requested.

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When: Sunday, September 22, 8 am to 1 pm

Where: 8111 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX

Imam Omar Suleiman, American Muslim Scholar, Civil Rights Activist, Writer, and Speaker. Founder and President of Yaqeen Institute.
Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, American Muslim Scholar and Dean of The Islamic Seminary of America.
Br. Azhar Azeez, Past President of ISNA and current VP of Community Affairs and Alliances at Islamic Relief USA.
Pieter Friedrich, Author Specializing in Analysis of Historical and Current Affairs in South Asia.
Samina Salim, Professor, University of Houston.
Sarah Philips, Director of Operations at the Asian Desi Pacific Islander American Collective.
Sunita Viswanath, Social Justice and Human Rights Activist and Founder of Hindus for Human Rights.
Pawan Singh, Organization for Minorities of India
Rev Ronnie Lister, Recipient of the Gandhi Award for Peace by the Gandhi Historical Center.
Rev Lisa Hunt, Rector at the St. Stevens Episcopal Church
Zach Chatterjee Shlachter, Jewish Voice for Peace.
Daniel Cohen, Professional Communicator with a Deep Love for Advocacy.
Ashton Wood, Founder of Black Lives Matter in Houston.
Cesar Octavio, Executive Director, For Families and Their Education (FIEL).
Ayman El-Sawa, Egyptian Community Organizer and Activist.

Since the Modi led Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government came to power in 2014, India, a pluralistic and multi-ethnic democracy, has seen a sharp escalation in religious violence, human rights violations, undermining of the judiciary and constitution, and denial of fundamental rights. Most recently, the Modi government revoked the constitutionally mandated special status of Jammu and Kashmir, deployed additional military personnel, placed Kashmiri political leaders under house arrest, blocked all phone and internet connectivity, and imposed a complete lockdown. It has also curbed free reporting by journalists and human rights’ activists, while its forces continue to brutalize the population.

These events in India concern all of us who live in the US, whether we are of Indian origin or not. We raise our voices against the Modi regime because we care about justice and human rights in India, in the US, and in our world at large. We urge you to come out to protest and demand:

Stop Gross Violations of Human Rights (GVHR) in India
Stop The Massive Repression & Cruel Blockade in Kashmir
Provide Food, Medicine, & Aid NOW
End The Military Occupation in Kashmir
Restore Constitutional Rights
Stop Attacking Clergy and Persecution of Christians
Stop Religiously Motivated Killings of Muslims
Stop Assault, Riots, and Vandalism against Minorities
Stop Lynching Muslims and Dalits
Stop Police Brutality, Extra-Judicial Killings, Torture, Forced Confessions, and Illegal Detentions
Stop Setting up Tribunals and Detention Centers
Stop Making Muslims and Tribals Stateless