South Asian Republican Coalition [SARC] to work for re-election of President Trump

On Friday, August 9th, 2019 a historic meeting took place in the nation’s capital. Key Team Members of the South Asian Republican Coalition [SARC] met with the National Director of the Republican National Committee [RNC]’s Asia-Pacific American Engagement team in a roundtable discussion of their organizations’ mutual goals.

SARC Leaders Hemant Bhatt, Founder and Chairman, Sridhar Chillara, Co-founder and President and core members (Brajesh, Rimma, Kalpesh, Nimish, Samir, Anura, Dharmesh and Paul) joined Esther Lu, National Director of Asian Pacific American Engagement, Republican National Committee, Washington D.C.

Each attendee had an opportunity to briefly share their story of how they came to America and how they came to be Republican. Mr. Hemant Bhatt and Mr.Sridhar Chillara discussed a vision and a detailed plan for the future of SARC with an emphasis on growing the Republican base of engaged, civic-minded voters from South Asia with the highest priority of insuring a second term for President Trump. Key Team Members also briefly spoken about their current activities and laid down a very promising plan, VISION 2020, to get President Mr. Trump reelected, to secure majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives and secure an even greater majority in the Senate.

After listening intently to what the SARC Team had to say, Ms. Lu characterized the organization as “passionate, organized and capable”. She went on to emphasize how Asia-Pacific Americans have outpaced Latinos in immigration to the U.S. over the last ten years, and how their level of success as measured by income has exceeded even the native-born. For this reason, they, as a group, have an even bigger stake in the direction America takes socially and politically, whether it slips into full-blown socialism, or returns to the founding principle of limited government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Ms. Lu then took the group for a tour of the facility, introduced them to Juan O’Leary, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives, RNC, and reasserted the need for a strategic association of the SARC and the RNC to secure the posterity of all Americans and for generations of Americans to come.

SARC, A New Face in American Patriotism, is on a mission to engineer a major political awakening and grass roots movement toward the Republican Party among the roughly 5.6 million South Asian Americans living in the United States of America. SARC can be contacted by sending an email at and visiting its web site