Prime Minister Modi’s attack on Sam Pitroda is politically motivated: Mohinder Singh Gilzian

‘Prime Minister Modi’s attack on Sam Pitroda is a political cheap shot on a man who has sacrificed so much of his own well being to transform India to become an IT superpower. He is a true patriot who went out of his comfort

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zone to help his motherland to revamp India’s antiquated Telecommunication infrastructure under Rajiv Gandhi’s rule that enabled the nation to enjoy the benefits of the current technological experiences of today” said Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, the President of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA.  

Mr. Pitroda’s comments on the 1984 riots were deliberately misconstrued for political expediency, and it only shows the desperation of Modi and the BJP as they are learning about their possible eviction from power on May 23rd. Besides, Mr. Pitroda has apologized and clarified his statement saying that the country needs to ‘move on” in this election season and focus on the current issues facing the nation such as joblessness, farmer’s distress and undermining of India’s Institutions.   

Moreover, it is widely acknowledged that Modi who was the  Chief Minister of Gujarat presided over riots by the mob that killed thousands of Muslims and never offered an apology in that regard. Therefore, Mr. Modi has no moral right to rake up the 84 riots solely for political gains. On the other hand, Congress has acknowledged those tragic events in 1984 and apologized to the Sikh Community, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh personally offered the regrets in that regard. 

‘Any attempt to divert the attention away from the voters who are concerned about the economic mismanagement of the Modi regime and the steady erosion of freedom and weakening of India’s venerable Institutions will not succeed, and I request the Prime Minister to stop underestimating the intelligence of the Indian voter” Mr. Gilzian added.