NFIA condemns bomb blasts in Sri Lanka

Washington D.C. 
Easter Sunday brought despair and loss of lives instead of peace and joy to the families of many in Sri Lanka. The news media has reported that 321 lost lives and over 500 were injured during these bomb blasts. Those who lost their lives included nationals from India, United States, Britain, Austria, Turkey, China, Denmark, Netherland and Portugal.
Among those who died, there were four Americans; one from the local D.C. metropolitan area. A fifth -grader boy, identified as Kieran Shafritz de Zoysa, who happened to be away to Sri Lanka became a fatality of terrorist’s attacks. Kieran has been attending Sidwell private school in D.C. area was a bright student and was planning to be back in school in Fall. The eleven-year-old was remembered by the students and administrators of the school as well as the parents fondly.
These bomb blasts happened at churches and at hotels where generally foreigners resided. It is reported that fundamental Islamic group claims the responsibility of carrying out these barbaric activities. It is believed that a string of eight bombs blasted at three churches and at three luxury hotels in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, which were carried out by seven suicide bombers.

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It is extremely distressing to learn that a country that was marred by civil revolution in the past and was quite recently striving hard for peace, civility and stability, unfortunately became the target of suicidal Islamic radical terrorists.
Sri Lanka is not only the location of such atrocities; terrorism is on the rise globally. People of all nations should stand together and condemn such acts of terrorism. No evil deeds should suppress the goodness of humanity. Such atrocities make people vulnerable but these barbaric acts should be condemned vehemently and should not deter people from enjoying political, social and religious freedom. People in good conscious deplore these acts and stand together with the families of victims in sympathy for Sri Lankans and pray for peace in that part of the world.