Lok Sabha voting mostly concluded in south India

New Delhi, April 23
With voting completed for third phase of Lok Sabha elections on Tuesday, all southern states have voted to elect their representatives - save one - to the lower house of Parliament.

While Andhra Pradesh and Telangana voted in the first phase elections on April 11, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry voted in the second phase on April 18. However, two days before the polling, President Ram Nath Kovind cancelled the election in Tamil Nadu's Vellore, on the Election Commission's recommendation following seizure of a huge haul of cash there earlier this month.

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Karnataka voted in the second and third phases (April 18 and 23) and Kerala in the third phase.

Assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh were also held in the first phase.

The Union Territories of Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which have one constituency each, also voted in the first phase.

The Election Commission said on Tuesday that voting has concluded in 22 states and Union Territories with the conclusion of third phase which was the largest - across 117 constituencies in 15 states and Union Territories - of the seven-phased poll.