South-Asians in Naperville support Mayor Steve Chirico for re-election

Naperville, IL: Many local South Asian-Americans community leaders from different walks of life assembled at Royal Banquet in Naperville to demonstrate their strong commitment to vote, in huge numbers, for the re-election of Steve Chirico as Mayor of Naperville. Some of the prominent community leaders, who graced the occasion, included Adil Farid, Sanjeev Pandey, Shoaib Khadri, Moin Haq, Krishna Bansal, Sanjiv Singh, Ninad Daftari, Mahfooz Khan, Maqsood Qadri, Anees Rahman, Shalini Gupta, Vinoz Chanamolu and other guests.

Mayor Steve Chirico, who spoke at the event, said, with a sense of pride that, under his leadership as Mayor, Naperville has been recognized as one of the country's best and safest cities of its size and also ranked in the top 25 on a list of best towns for small businesses.

Continuing his address, Mayor Steve Chirico said that Naperville had many financial challenges when he took over as the mayor in 2015. Once in office, he took bold steps to address all of the budget-related issues through strong financial discipline, reducing long term debt, holding Naperville’s AAA bond rating, creating sustainable revenue, and giving a boost to business development.

“We not only reduced our debt by USD 24 million but also increased our investment in the infrastructure in the amount of 36 million USD for the multidimensional development of our city, its roads, traffic signals, water and electricity supply, safe neighborhoods, excellent career opportunities, exciting entertainment avenues, multi-cuisine restaurants, great schools, wonderful parks, etc. and at the same time brought down the property taxes by about 15 percent over the past four years,” Mayor Steve Chirico stated. Chirico added that being recognized as one of the safest cities in the U.S. is icing on the cake.

The presentation by Mayor Steve Chirico was followed by a Q&A session. He answered all the questions to the satisfaction of the audience. “Making Naperville a model city in the Midwest is a gigantic task. The hard work of the mayor alone is not enough. Each and every resident of Naperville should put his foot forward in order to realize this dream,” he concluded.

Subsequently, Mayor Steve Chirico thanked the host, Mr. Syed Ashfaq Hussain, an eminent member of the Naperville Community, and Ms. Ayeisha Osman for hosting the event.
Earlier, Mr Syed Ashfaq Hussain welcomed the guests. Miss Juveria Syeda, in her vote of thanks, called upon the youth to also vote for Mayor Steve Chirico for his re-election. The event was followed by a sumptuous lunch which was relished by one and all.

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