Democrats retake the House and Republicans retain the Senate

As many of the polls have indicated, Democrats have retaken the House of Representatives. Democrats needed 23 to win the control of the House and it is expected that they could wound up winning 35. It is projected that when all the votes are counted, Democrats may have 232 or more seats. In the case of Senate, Republicans not only have retained the Senate but probably may have gained 4 to 5 Seats. The Blue wave the Democrats have hoped for may not have materialized except in the case House of Representatives. Republicans kept many of the critical Governorships that may have a bearing in 2020 election in places like Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. Republicans have maintained a majority in the House since 2010.

It looks like Americans have produced a split decision as if they are sending a message to Washington imploring for a more bi-partisan approach in resolving some of the nation’s pressing issues that deal with Economy and Immigration. This election also witnessed an unprecedented number of women elected to the U.S. Congress.

With losing control of the House, the Trump agenda may get stalled, and the Democrats will be starting a whole series of investigations into the 2016 election and especially focusing on Trump business. However, any aggressive action by the Democrats could also backfire helping Trump in 2020.

The Democrats relied heavily on the issue of health care and the coverage of pre-existing condition played heavily in the campaign. President Trump tried to gin up the support of his base with his hot and divisive rhetoric on immigration. The country appears to be evenly divided and this time the suburban voters especially women flipping many of the Republican-held seats to Democrats.

With additional seats in the Senate, Trump will have an easier time to get his cabinet appointments and judicial nominations through where he may leave a lasting legacy on the nation. There is no doubt that the Brett Kavanaugh hearing had a significant impact on the Senate election where many of the Red States Democratic Senators who voted against him appeared to have lost the election.

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