Parents fighting to get back their children from Child Protection Service

This campaign is for helping Harini Prakash and myself , to get our children back from CPS(Child Protective Services, Broward County, Florida).

We hail from India and have been living in the US for the past 5 years and working as software developer.

We were blessed with twins , our joy knew no bounds until tragedy stuck. After finding a swelling in our baby girl's hand, we went to ER as suggested by the pediatrician, last week. During this hospital visit, the baby was asked to admit and taken through multiple tests. As concerned parents the questions we posed to hospital authorities were misinterpreted cos of language barriers and the hospital authorities involved child care.

From then on, everything was blown out of proportion and both the babies were taken away from us and put in foster care. My wife is longing to hold our kids in her arms again and we are resolved to get them back. Now, we are facing an uphill battle of going to the court, fighting the case and getting our kids back.

Without your emotional and financial support it would be impossible for us to get through the situation and take care of all the necessary expenses.It is estimated that the expenses could be up to $50,000.

Even a great difficulty if shared by everyone can be resolved with ease. Please contribute generously towards this and help us to get our kids back.

Thank you,
Prakash and Harini. 

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