Rohit Verma USA Fashion Tour


The AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) Convention - 2018 is about to happen in the city of Columbus (Ohio) this year. AAPI has been engaged in working with the Union & State Government of India for the past ten years & collaborated with more than 35 medical associations to address the healthcare challenges of our developing country. GautamSamadder, the president of AAPI is the man behind the event that will take place from 4th July to 8th July and various artists will be performing throughout. However, the second day of the event will witness an eye-catching fashion show by the well-known designer RohitVerma& Mystic India.

RohitVerma is all set for his USA fashion tour and his very first show of the tour will be a part AAPI Convention 2018. As we already know him for his extremely creative and unique collections, there is no denying that the show is going to be unique. Also, he will be showcasing his collections in 8 more cities across the United States. He will be moving on to New York after his show in Ohio followed by Atlanta, Houston, New Jersey, Boston, etc.

Talking about the tour, he seems to be really excited about showcasing his latest collections. According to him, he loves the reality & thinks that fashion has to address our time and our lives. His fashion show is being organized by UdayaShivani, who is also the organizer for woman forum. She recognised the talents and invited Rohit Verma for the AAPI show sincere gratitude to Mr Gautam president AAPI and his wonderful wife Anjana for getting Mr Rohit verma to AAPI

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