Vickyy Kohhli's love song KAHANIYAAN poster release in NJ

Vickyy Kohhli released the first look of his upbeat hiphop love song KAHANIYAAN with an Official Poster release at an event organized in Akbar in Edison New Jersey. Event was handled by Juhi Jagiasi from jewel of India who is also Marketing/PR executive for this Music Video Project.

Poster release was followed by introduction to the song with Live performance from Vickyy with artists from his video Aric Diamani (lead actor and choreographer) and Nadia (Female Model and dancer) along with other crew members.

Director Hyder Bilgrami who also directed this music video was also present and talked very highly about the song and production and thought that this could be one of the top songs in Bollywood charts. He also talked highly about the lead female model Juhi Dev (from Texas) who was selected among various models who auditioned for the video.

KAHANIYAAN is set to release in July 2018 at a grand press conference in New York city.

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